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    Ethical Behavior and Prosperity


    not break. He also did not want to violate the Lord’s commandment to honor the Sabbath day. He knew if he did ... to Husein. In the end, he met the deadline while still observing the Sabbath day and keeping his promises. He ...

    From The BYU Religious Education Student Symposium 2008

    The Lord's Supper in Early Mormonism


    to administer the ordinance to large numbers “on every Sabbath.” [23] In places besides Kirtland and Nauvoo, ... right. For example, members of the Church in Iowa upheld the ordinance “every second Sabbath.” [24] ...

    From You Shall Have My Word

    The Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies: Reflections of a Modern Pioneer


    we meet on the Jewish Sabbath (Saturday) for worship services instead of Sunday?” And as we might ... There was no traffic, no bustle. It was a beautiful Sabbath day. We could learn a lot about keeping the Sabbath from our ... Sabbath. We recognized it was a unique request and would not be binding on anyone else in the Church. ...

    From Volume 9 Number 1, 2008 of The Religious Educator

    Appendix B: A Voice of Warning and Truth


    Fred Woods, “A Voice of Warning and Truth,” in Fire on Ice: The Story of Icelandic Latter-day Saints at Home and Abroad, (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2005), 243–365. Appendix B: A Voice of Warning and Truth The missionar ...

    From Fire on Ice: The Story of Icelandic Latter-day Saints at Home and Abroad

    3. The Meanings of Ritual: Comparisons


    the same truths which theology wrestles with intellectually.” [8] The Sabbath, for example, ... of wine with which the Sabbath feast begins. Passover, as detailed in the Haggadah , the book ... the Sabbath table, for instance, according to the Lurian Kabbalah and similar doctrines, is graced ...

    From Reflections on Mormonism: Judaeo-Christian Parallels

    A Expiação e a Ressurreição


    naquele fim de semana da primeira Páscoa. Hoje é sábado, o Sabbath judeu. Aqui estamos—os eventos de ... ontem. Agora, aqui estamos em seu Sabbath . É meio-dia, e estamos divagando, em descrença e confusão. ... cenário, neste Sabbath de dúvidas, Ele, Seu espírito, estava ocupado em outro lugar. Nesta manhã, Ele ...

    From Seleção de Artigos Traduzidos

    Discipleship and the Epistle of James


    consistent with God’s expectations. What we do on the Sabbath day may be far more telling than anything we ... but which are also of such tremendous importance. I mention the Sabbath day. The Sabbath of the Lord ...

    From Go Ye Into All the World: Messages of the New Testament Apostles

    Roundtable Discussion

    was placed at the tomb to keep the disciples from stealing the body during the Sabbath (see Matthew ... between His death and the beginning of the Sabbath, it would not have ever been used for the bones ... with a glorified, physical, resurrected body. Because the death of Jesus occurred a few hours before the Sabbath ...

    4. Scenes in Nauvoo


    equally kind to us. During the first winter my mother invited them to hold meetings on the Sabbath day ... of that influence, and were glad when the Sabbath day came round. The following amusing incident ... for saying it, but when he gave me his arm as we started from home that Sabbath morn I felt justly proud ...

    From A Woman's View: Helen Mar Whitney's Reminiscences of Early Church History

    5. Fayette: The Place the Church was Organized


    the election. Fifteen days’ notice, given for two successive Sabbaths, was required. A certificate establishing ...

    From Sperry Symposium Classics: The Doctrine and Covenants